Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So this is the beginning....

I set up this blog because I want to hear everyone's story about the animal that has been allegedly sighted around Southwest Missouri. I've heard about it on the radio, I've heard people who "know someone who said they know someone" that saw it, and so on. I want to hear what you have to say.

To be honest, I know very little about blogging and even less about this Hellhound thing that people are talking about around the Springfield metro area.

This is what I do know. Apparently people have been sighting this Hellhound around the Rivercut, James River, and Nixa areas. From what I can gather, it looks similar to a medium sized dog but with kind of a bushy tail (similar to a deer), bigger ears, and disproportionally short legs.

If you know people that have seen it, send them here, I want to hear their story.


  1. Hi! I actually live in Ozark and I too have heard about it on the radio (Power 96.5). I think I may have seen our "Hellhound"

    My mom and I were actually driving home late one night and she suddenly said, "Mikayla! Look!" I looked to where she was pointing, and this thing, it looked like a deer and a dog had had a one-night stand to be honest, was standing beside the road! It was a little smaller than a deer and it was black. Do you believe this was our little friend? If so, I hope I don't see him/her/it again. The mytholoby behind hellhounds is that if you see them three die! Please come to my website, and we can talk about it more in my blog.
    Goodbye and Thank You!
    Mikayla from Ozark, MO

  2. It sounds like a cardigan welsh corgi. Heres a link

  3. Hi im Randy from Nixa Mo and i think i have see this so called "Nixa Hellhound" But it was at my house not on the road! I was telling my mom that i seen this dog like thing that had a big tail and big ears and it was about as tall as a doorknob. I was going into my grage to leave and i closed my grage door and told my cuzin that i had just saw a big animal like a Wwwwwaaaayyyyy oversized German Shepard and so i told him to get to the car as fast as he could. As i was telling my mom this she mentioned a "Infamous Nixa Hellhound." so i got kinda scared that i actually seen it then i called my friend cuz i thought my mom was fooling with me and he said he has heard of it on power 96.5 and so i am now looking for the animal again if i see it ill post A.S.A.P.

  4. I thank you guys for sharing your stories. I can't wait for someone to get a picture, or video, of this thing.

  5. I never saw this hound thing, but my friends and I were in the tunnels underneath Springfield and saw a short hairless humanoid creature. Has anyone else seen this thing?

  6. Here is a sighting and a picture of this hellhound.

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  8. this is very true! i saw this outside by the trashcan at midnight. It had glowing red eyes, and a black coat( fur) it looked at me like it was going to kill me. but, it didn't and i ran like HELL! it was the most scaryest time of my life and i almost peed my pants!

  9. I drive home late at night on Highway 413 between Billings and Crane. Twice I have seen what I thought was just a really ugly dog. It's body was much the color of a Blue Heeler but it's head was black and it had a black "mane" much like a hyena. It also had a very pointy nose (more pointy than a dog) and it's canine teeth were showing. It had yellow eyes. I was joking to my friends and said I saw a chupacabra, but it might not have been a joke, because there is a small herd of goats near by where I saw this creature. It was very creepy, and for God's sake will you delete OhYeah's comment, he sounds like a real ass, and not worthy to be on this blog. Thank you.

  10. Hey hey kids, I am Shaun Belekurov the paranormal profiler who was on "Morning Buzz w/ Fotsch and McClain" and investigated over a dozen sightings (3 or 4 legitimate paranormal overtones). I am looking for folks who might have missed chance to tell their story. I am looking for additional witnesses especially any willing to share their story with any of the paranormal shows (ie Paranormal Witness, Monsters of America etc.) to firm up the case i'm doing for the entertainment outlets (as well as my serious research), if interested i could post the origins of our local hellhound, the sightings over past 130 years and the sightings i investigated. Thanks in advance. Be Safe.
    Anyone with info can contact me at

    S.M. Belekurov
    Paranormal Profiler
    Author of "The Paranormal Cookbook"